Think All Child Molesters Are Hebephiles-Ephebophiles-Pedophiles Rule the World ?

International sex trafficking rings are controlled by the elite. Categorizing those that sexually abuse children as predatory pedophiles is not only a common misconception – it’s also dangerous. It gives us a sense that offenders are easier to identify through grooming behaviors or a lack thereof, and easier to understand – that they have a sexual perversion that can’t be cured. This makes it all the more difficult to understand how someone respected and well-liked could sexually abuse a child, and consequently convict abusers who do not have a pattern of behavior that people would believe would correlate with being a pedophile. For example, those that sexually abuse children may view adult pornography, creating a defense that they must be innocent because they do not exhibit signs of being sexually attracted to children. But, based on the evidence about sexual abuse, sexual attraction to children is not a prerequisite to sexual molesters of children.
We think of sexual offenders as wolves waiting to pounce from the shadows, when in reality – it’s more often the gentle shepherd that we need to focus on. Why is this? Why would seemingly good people sexually abuse children? Decades of research suggests it has less to do with sexually attraction, and much more to do with the psychological issues behind their motivation.

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