Dear friends in Christ. This is another video I created after careful research in a series of important issues recently spurred on from the inaction and lack of leadership of our Catholic Bishops and Cardinals. In fact, I am greatly dishearten and appalled to the sunken level of complacency ignoring the truly important humanitarian crisis of child exploitation and the related global Covid-19 mandates and the human genocide event.

What have you done to my church? I feel betrayed as a Catholic and a servant of Christ. I recently wrote to our local diocese and bishop with my detailed concerns regarding the ridiculous COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and mandates being forced and coerce through fear to the priests and parishes from lack of church leadership from the top down. Disgusting the church can stoop so low to allow Canadian government to dictate Covid-19 ever-changing policies with absolutely no documentation and evidence. I requested supporting documents on October 6, 2021, where are they? Why are they ignoring real counter-evidence and information links I provided?

“You now want proof of vaccination (double vaccination plus fourteen days) is required for anymore over the age of twelve attending a reception or social event (eg. Parish pasta dinner, wedding or funeral reception, etc.) in a parish hall.” Where is the information for informed consent and without animal trials to prove the vaccine is safe? I thought there was going to be NO mandates … not the responsibility of the government or Dioceses to dictate. What changed? Wake up people!

I ask, why? Masks provide zero protection and 13X the risk of catching an infection. The Covid-19 so-called phony vaccine does not protect whatsoever from infection. Now you want to inject down to a 12-year-old child and actually support this policy with zero documentation, liability, evidence or any testing whatsoever to prove the experimental jab is actually safe. Pfizer is seeking Canadian approval for its vaccine for kids as young as five in about a week. This is sick.

Data released Sept. 17 by the CDC showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 17, 2021, a total of 726,965 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 15,386 reports of deaths — an increase of 461 over the previous week. What is wrong with our catholic leadership? The enemy wants our children and has systematically blinded you to these facts…wake up!

How can the Vatican not possibly know the true facts with the grave issues regarding the Covid vax or the true level of child trafficking and horrific hidden abuse or worse? What have the Vatican, bishops and cardinals done to expose and stop this? Endless pass-the-buck inquires and studies like governments do to shirk accountability. Where are all the priests taking up a leadership role and taking the Catholic leadership or our governments to task?

Even recently in the news, some 216,000 children – mostly boys – have been sexually abused by clergy in the French Catholic Church since 1950, a damning new inquiry has found. How long do you think we have before God steps in? I believe children is God’s red-line. The bible is quite clear in this issue.

I have unbounded strength to sing praise to our Lord, but my heart is too broken to adequately express my love and concern in my voice to these forgotten children in this recent must-see video. Reissued now as, “ATTENTION PEDOPHILES: I’M COMING FOR YOU! Marcum – Your Love”, for October 31, 2021.
I hope my rendition and interpretation of the song, “Your Love” gives adequate justice. Please watch, listen and share the information in the video and related red-pill information from My Top-40 Catholic Red-Pill playlist and Pedophilia/Child Trafficking playlists. Marcum

Pedophilia/Child Trafficking playlist.

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