This is MY crusade (DDK)

I have so many people close to me affected by Pedophiles. I’ve seen what this evil does to victims and families and it breaks my heart. I really never talk about me but I know I can help do my part and not be quit anymore. All I remember growing up was no ever talking about this subject I mean everyone knew it was going on but no one cared. Sorry if your child comes back with a check for $30,000 from the church and you take it how fucking evil are you. That’s worst then the pedofile. I’m not singling out the church I know sick fucks who touch there childend could pay $10,000 and get slap on the wrist. when you this goes mainstream I hope those people realize they allowed this shit. I care and I think Im getting pretty good at this. I dont do this for likes Or money I do this because WE are going to shine so much light and knowledge and spread so much love and pride that WE will be able sleep at knowing WE gave them HELL!! that’s why I use Crusades music. (DDK)

Don’t Drink The Kool Aid

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